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EURO PILLOW TOP 2 SIDED EASY-FLIP Innovative, hypoallergenic antimicrobial technology kills 99.9% of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors and deterioration. Engineered for Durability Enhanced 800-unit continuous support construction for uninterrupted spine support and exceptional mattress durability; featuring head-to-toe Helicals for maximum motion absorption. Luxurious Lofted Quilting Tack and jump quilting delivers five-star comfort for a truly memorable sleep experience. Cool Twist® Gel Foam Breathable, gel-infused foam cradles the body and helps promote airflow for a cooler night’s sleep. HexCloud™ Gel Foam An exclusive comfort upgrade, this gel foam boasts unique geometric cut outs to deliver cool, contouring pressure relief for more luxurious, relaxing sleep. Comfort System V-Block™ Technology FireBlocker® Fiber HexCloud™ Gel Foam Serta® PillowSoft® Aire™ QuiltLoft™ Memory Foam Cool Twist® Gel Foam Support System 800 Continuous Support® Innerspring* Total Edge® Foam Encasement Border Rod Support Posturized Center Third Head-to-Toe Helicals *Features recycled steel