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- Extra Firm, Two-Sided Mattress
Category:Other Mattresses
The Zest Extra Firm by International Bedding (IBC) is an updated version of the best-selling Corvina Firm. This new model is even firmer, making it the hardest mattress that we've encountered in our many years in the sleep product industry! Relatively low-priced, this mattress has many features that aren't seen presently, on the sales floors of retail outlets. A two-sided design harkens back to the days of old - when a mattress truly lasted the test of time. It also possesses the all-but nonexistent heavy duty, metal wire perimeter. The LFK Coil system is mostly known for its notable comfort and luxurious properties, it is also a spring that is designed to last. A Continuous Coil, just a glance at a diagram detailing its properties can show you the significant differences between it and more commonly sold support systems. American-made and composed of top quality materials, the Zest is made to last and provide years and years of support. We are sure to be shipping plenty of these out, in both standard and odd sizes.


Cover TENCEL Cover Layer Fire Retardant Fiber Two 3/4" Quilt Foam Layers Mattress(Top Side) 2" Extra Firm Support Foam Layer Mattress(Core) 800 Premium LFK InnerSpring w/Edge Supports Mattress(Bottom Side) 2" Extra Firm Support Foam Layer Cover(Bottom Side) Two 3/4" Quilt Foam Layers Fire Retardant Fiber TENCEL Cover Layer