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Attune Design™ combined with a powerbase gives you ultimate control of your sleep experience.

Discover complete control. Begin by individually controlling your side of the mattress, for the firmness that fits your body perfectly. Attune Design™ delivers the ultimate individualized sleep benefits over the entire surface of your mattress. But, the U11 doesn’t stop there, because your day doesn’t stop when you climb into bed. Comfortaire’s exclusive split-top mattress is designed to deliver the maximum benefit from your adjustable base and gives “control” a whole new meaning. Not only can you adjust your Comfortaire mattress for perfect comfort and support, but you can adjust your entire bed to suit your lifestyle, without disturbing your partner!

Combine control with a soft bamboo cover that manages moisture superbly to keep you cool and an ultra-plush green tea scented EvellaFoam comfort layer that hugs every contour. An exclusive low-profile air chamber provides the unique benefits of air support over every inch of your mattress for 15% more air support. Pressure points are reduced for less tossing and turning and more restful sleep. Relief is delivered to your back, shoulder and neck. You wake refreshed, restored and ready for the day.

Sleep better, feel better, live better. Comfortaire.

Please Note: Wall-hugger adjustable bases are not compatible with split-head designed mattresses.


Individualized Sleep Experience®

You prefer firm while your sleep partner prefers soft. There’s no need to compromise. Each of you can adjust your side of the bed for a perfect individual fit. Adjustment is easy—just the touch of a button. Best of all, your Comfortaire can be adjusted to always fit perfectly, even if your sleep needs change.


Synthetic latex foam infused with memory foam, green tea scented EvellaFoam™ delivers the best of both. It has the durability and resilience of latex, without the allergies, and it recovers slowly, like memory foam. EvellaFoam molds to you, providing excellent pressure relief, and offers cooling properties as well.

Split Top Design

Creating a surface that is uniquely suited for use in conjunction with Comfortaire’s premium powerbase takes adjustability to a whole new level. Using a powerbase lets you tailor your Comfortaire to meet your sleep needs even more perfectly.

Bamboo Cover

Bamboo fibers have a highly absorbent mesh-like structure; microscopic gaps in the bamboo fiber ensure that bamboo fabric always feels silky, cool and fresh. Bamboo doesn’t stick to skin—a form of natural “air-conditioning”. Plus, bamboo ticking is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Attune Design™

Attune Design is the purest solution for air-supported sleep. Attune puts your bed in complete accord with your body. Under a luxurious mattress cover, a layer of incredibly plush comfort conforms perfectly to you.

Edge-to-Edge Air™—Patented urethane air chambers go all the way to the edges of the bed for full adjustability across the entire mattress surface and 15% more air-supported sleeping area.

Air on Top™—When air is brought to the top of the bed, you receive the maximum benefit from air support, pressure relief and ability to adjust firmness on each side of the bed to fit each sleeper’s needs perfectly.

When your body is in harmony with your bed, you’ll sleep restfully, with less tossing and turning, and wake restored. That’s comfort for life®.

Q10™ Wireless ACS

Comfortaire®’s first generation wireless air control system. This new air control system puts the power of personalized adjustability at the touch of your finger. With 100 Comfort Settings™, this air control system gives you the perfect setting for your Personalized Sleep Experiences™.